Measuring for a Corner Window

Measuring for Corner Window

Determine which is the through blind as shown in the diagram above. We generally recommend that the through blind is the main window or where you achieve the most privacy to stop vision down the gap between the butting blind.

  1. Take the width measurement of the Blind 1 (run through blind).
  2. Take the width measurement of the Blind 2 (butt blind).
  3. Apply deduction to the Blind 2 (butt blind) see table below. The deduction of the butt blind allows the track to butt up to the through track.
  4. Measure the drop of each blind in 3 places and take your smallest measurement.

Measure your Butt Blind (Blind 2) by taking the exact back wall measurements less the deduction shown in the table below.

Products Size Butt Blind Deduction Required
Aluminium Venetian Blind 25mm slat 35mm
Dual Roller Blind na
Roller Blind   70mm
Vertical Blind 89mm 75mm
Vertical Blind 127mm 90mm
Timber-look Nova Blind 50mm slat 70mm