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Wooden blinds such as timber Venetian blinds can add instant warmth and character to any home. The only problem is, they’re not as durable as their synthetic counterparts. If you’re installing blinds in wet rooms of the home, 100% PVC blinds like our Woodlux Venetian blinds are the way to go.

These faux wooden Venetian blinds can withstand heat and moisture with ease. While timber blinds installed in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry would soon be ruined by moisture, the PVC in Woodlux Venetians will ensure they'll stand the test of time. The thin horizontal slats also make these blinds great privacy blinds, which is essential in a room like the bathroom! Adding to their long list of benefits, these PVC blinds are also low maintenance, so there’s no need for extensive cleaning, repair or frequent replacement.

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Here at Half Price Blinds, we offer Woodlux PVC Venetian blinds in your choice of colour. Want white timber blinds in your home? Our white Woodlux blinds make an affordable and durable alternative. These PVC Venetian blinds are also available in an off-white shade of Pearl. 

When it comes the size of the blades, two different widths are available: 50mm and 63mm, the latter offering the appearance of a shutter for the affordable price of a blind.